5-Rail Fence Dimensions.JPG

6-Rail Fence Dimensions.JPG

4-Rail Fence Dimensions.JPG

60 ft x 80 ft Corral.JPG

Panels with Legs joined together to create a 60-ft x 80-ft corral with a 20-ft Gate Panel.
9 x 20-ft panels plus a 20-ft gate panel movable corral.

Continuous Panels on Existing Fence Posts:

Continuous fence panels can be bolted or welded onto existing fence posts using belly clamps. We recommend at least 3 Belly Clamps per fence posts. The panels are usually installed approximately 1-ft above ground level.
They are an excellent replacement for barbed wire or wood.

Joiner Sleaves:

All continuous fence panels come with Joiner Sleaves attached to one end.
Panels slide together in the joiners. they can be secured with screws or left to expand and contract with weather change.
Steel fence panels are stronger than barbed wire or wood and create a beautiful continuous fence that will last a lifetime.

8 x 20 ft panels - Corral with 6-ft Gate.JPG

50-ft Hex Paddock made from 8 connected Panels with U-Legs. 
One panel is the custom designed 20-ft panel with a 6-ft Gate Panel

20 ft Panel Clamped to Wood Posts.JPG


Joiners on Panel.jpg

Continuous Panels into Self-Standing Panels:

Continuous fence panels can be turned into Self-Standing Fence Panels by adding a slide-on leg specific to the number of rails on your fence panel.
The leg is made from 1-3/4" heavy duty pipe with holes to fit over the panel rails.
By connecting several panels with the legs on them together can create a semi-permanent fence line without pounding posts.

5-Rail Leg.JPG

Custom Corrals and Paddocks:

Using different kinds of joiners and clips, you can create custom corrals and paddocks.  
Design the exact size of corral or multiple paddocks off a line of fence. We have a variety of panel joiners that join together any size of panel. 
These can be set up for temporary or permanent operations

Joiners and Clips.JPG

Convert Any Panel Into a Gate:

Any sized fence panel can be converted into a gate by connecting the modular hinged leg stand and gate panel cap.
The Hinged Leg is a normal leg with a hinges built onto the leg to match the number of rails on the panel. 
It replaces the standard leg in your fence line so when you add the gate Cap (which has the chain clamp attached) and now you have a gate.

Gate Kit.png